The Slings and the Arrows are two rival gangs in Angel City. Both gangs claim extensive territory across the city but only actively hold smaller regions, particularly low-income neighborhoods.


The Slings were founded in 1973 and the Arrows just one year after. Since their inception, the gangs have been fierce rivals, often staging small turf wars throughout the city. In the late 1990s, the conflict between them sparked a city wide war. Neighborhoods burned. Hundreds of bystanders were injured, dozens killed. Angel City police fought both sides to keep the peace, but gang membership had swollen drastically over the past decade and with no more super heroes to assist them, ACPD was grossly outmatched. Suddenly, the fighting stopped. Neither gang achieved supremacy, but reached some secret accord. Though the two reamined intense rivals in all regards, Angel City saw relative peace between them for a decade and a half.

In March of 2015, the war between the Slings and the Arrows erupted again . Both gangs, armed with high-powered laser weaponry renewed open warfare.


Many of the Slings bear tattoos on their foreheads of a circle with a line radiating from the center to the circumfrence, as of a sling being swung in the air.

Mutated ArrowsEdit

During the first new battle between the two gangs, over a dozen arrows were caught in an explosion that fused the laser weapons they wielded to their arms. As a result of the explosion, their bodies became stronger, faster, and more durable. However, their sanity and their memories seem to have suffered.