In The Guardians, a loosely allied group of heroes based in Angel City fight against criminals and disturbers of the peace, from lowly street thugs to powerful crime syndicates to super-powered freaks.

Publication historyEdit

Volume oneEdit

A list of issues in the first volume of The Guardians.

Issue Date Title First Appearances
1 10/9/11 Suffer the Slings and Arrows Aegis, NightMare, G3, Ghost, Danger Brain, and le Philanthrope
2 10/16/11 Enter: The Bulldozer The Bulldozer
3 10/23/11 From out of the Dark, Black Night Commodore Dallas and the Sword of Jochi
4 11/6/11 Assault on Archon Stadium Charles Medina
5 11/13/11 Blackout! The Frequency
6 11/20/11 TBD