The Bulldozer

First appearance

The Guardians, Vol. 1, No. 2

Created by

A Barton

In-story information

Alter ego



  • Exceptionally resilient
  • Flight
  • Rapid healing rate

The Bulldozer is ready...


In his normal human form, the Bulldozer is a fit young man with soft, downy brown hair and an easy-going manner. Transformed, his skin turns into endurium and forms into sharp, aerodynamic plates, lending the Bulldozer a sharkish look.



Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Bulldozer has the ability to alter the molecular structure of his body such that his skin becomes the nigh indestructable metal alloy endurium, granting him tremendous strength, increased agility (from his more aerodynamic form), and extreme durability. Additionally, when he makes this transformation, special cavities form on his lower back and the back of each leg and forearm that are capable of jet propulsion in a manner somewhat similiar to, but far more powerful than, cephalopods. The back cavity provides the main thrust for flight, while the cavities on his limbs allow for precise directional control.