"Suffer the Slings and Arrows"

Publication Info

The Guardians Vol. 1, No. 1

Publication Date

October 9, 2011

Featured Character(s)

Supporting Character(s)


Time Span

March 1, 2015 - March 7, 2015

"Suffer the Slings and Arrows" is the first issue of The Guardians.


This inaugural issue introduces the first five Guardians of Angel City and brings them together for the first time.

Introducing AegisEdit

After washing ashore at Halo Beach with his memories cleaned away, Aegis takes a job at a less than reputable dive bar. While working in this capacity, he observes some of the criminal elements who frequent the establishment and soon learns about a meeting of several members of the Arrows, where some major plans will be discussed.

Aegis secretly attends the meeting, hiding in the rafters of the abandoned bulding where it takes place. He learns that the Arrows are planning a major assault against the Slings. As he leaves the building through a second story window, the gangers below detect him and attack him with high-powered laser rifles. He incapacitates one of the gangers and departs with him. Once he regains conciousness, Aegis forces the ganger to show him where he lives. Aegis promises to return the next night, once the ganger knows more about the attack.

Introducing NightMareEdit

Coyote Devereaux, meeting for the first time with Jeremy Brockboomer, learns that heart throb actor and lead in The Incandecents, Martin Freeman, has been murdered. Production on the film will be ending. However, Devereaux, who had been cast in a supporting role for the film, will not be out of a job. Brockboomer wants him to play the lead in his new action flick, The Rook. Excited, script in hand, Deveraux leaves Brockboomer's office just as two suspcious, hulking figures enter. They leave after just a minute's time and Deveraux overhears them say something about "the boss wanting a clean job of it."

As night falls, Deveraux transforms for the first time into NightMare and follows the thugs to an apartment building in Palm Heights. The two enter an apartment and, before NightMare has finished assessing the situation, emerge with two other thugs and rapidly depart the scene. NightMare starts to give chase, but a huge explosion in the apartment turns him right back. Without hesitating, NightMare dashes into the conflagration to save the lives of several trapped and frightened residents (however, inadvertantly injuring one resident, Henry Dixon).

Introducing Gentleman Gadget GuyEdit

Learning that prominent film actor Martin Freeman has been murdered and that police have no leads, Forrest Fahrenthold lets his curious mind draw him into his own investigation. After breaking into the dead man's home as Gentleman Gadget Guy, Fahrenthold discovers trace amounts of an exceedingly powerful and rare poison in an overturned coffee mug. Gadget Guy traces this poison to Vincent Mustela who tells him that the poison was purchased by a frenchman with a dark mustache. The next morning, The Angel City Herald reports the murder of Richard Tourmaline, president and CEO of Typhon Industries. Though the rich executive was strangled, not poisoned, and had no apparent connection with Freeman, the article indicates the police suspect a serial killer at work.

Baffled, Fahrenthold turns to Edi for an analysis of the situation. Based on multiple factors, Edi predicts that Mayor Vox will be the next victim. Gentleman Gadget Guy suits up and heads to Olympic Park, where Vox is staging a rally for his reelection campaign. Scanning the area, Gadget Guy detects a long-rang high-caliber weapon on the roof of a building across from the park. Right as he arrives, he hears a shot fired. Gadget Guy battles briefly with the assassin, le Philanthrope, and soon incapacitates him.

Introducing GhostEdit

Awakening in the snow with no clear idea of where he is, James Sorenson recalls his (seemingly) recent fight with his arch-enemy at the Chernoybl Nuclear Power Plant. Sorenson flies to a higher altitude and surveys his surroundings: he is no longer in Ukraine, but elsehwere in what he believes to still be the USSR. Flying west to Berlin, he discovers the Wall is gone. Sorenson goes to the US embassy and finally gets some answers. It is no longer 1986, but 2015 -- nearly thirty years have passed him by. Back in Washington DC, he is caught up on some of the major moments in the history he has missed, most importantly the end of the cold war. He is also informed of the tragic death of his daughter and her husband. Their daughter, Ada Wagner, has been shuffled through various New York foster homes, but Sorenson is promised that she will be turned over to his custody soon.

Though the Soviets are no longer a threat, the US government still has use for Sorenson's heroic identity, Ghost. The US government has declared the island nation of Hawaiki a protectorate, but the Hawaikians view the United States very poorly. Ghost is sent to Angel City, where the threat of terrorist attacks is greatest. He discovers that the Hawaikians are smuggling something into the country. Following an illicit shipment from the docks to a quiet warehouse, Ghost surprises several thugs armed with high-powered laser pistols. He rapidly deals with them and turns the shipment, a box of small blue crystals, over to the US Government.

Introducing Danger BrainEdit

Steve Speed, on his way home from dropping his twin wards off at school, drives past a bank robbery in progress. The criminals run to their waiting getaway van, shooting a security guard in the process. Speed pulls up to the light, trying to ignore the impulse to play hero, but he is clearly needed. Wheeling around, he cuts off the getaway driver and systematically takes out each of the robbers. Before departing the scene, Speed notices that each of the criminals has the same tattoo, which identifies them as members of the Slings.

Guardians unitedEdit

Suspicious of the explosion in Palm Heights, both Ghost and Alexander (uncostumed) investigate the scene where they also come upon Coyote Devereaux. In addition to the bomb remnants, Ghost also discovers a trace residue of some blue compound.

Hoping to connect this compound with the crystals he confiscated the night previously, Ghost asks his government contacts for a great scientific mind. Taking this sample to Forrest Fahrenthold, the two determine that it is chemically similar to the blue crystals. Fahrenthold scans the city and finds that this compound is in dozens of different places, but of particular concentration at two sites. Going to the first, they discover a weapons cache guarded by several Arrows. These high-powered laser rifles each contain one of the mysterious blue crystals. NightMare, on his nightly patrol, encounters the scene and joins them in their investigations. Investigating the other site, they discover a similar, though unguarded, cache in the back room of a knock-off toy store.

Elsewhere, Danger Brain investigates the owner of the car involved in the robbery he thwarted. He overhears several slings discussing the big battle they are staging the following night against the Arrows around the intersection of 3rd and Westmore (in Sleepy Hills), an area nicely between their territories.

Meanwhile, Aegis returns to the home of the Arrow he had previously interrogated and learns from him, under pressure, that the Slings had also been planning an offensive against the Arrows. The two gangs have settled on a more organzied battle in Sleepy Hills. Aegis calls Devereaux and informs him of what he learned. Devereaux in turn, as NightMare, calls Ghost and Gentleman Gadget Guy.

The next night, all five heroes arrive in Sleepy Hills at or before nightfall and lie in wait for the battle they know to be coming. Not long after dark, they hear Slings approaching from the east and the Arrows approaching from the west. The two gangs, armed with the same high-powered energy rifles, charge into battle. Before the heroes can separate and scatter the gangers, a stray shot hits a power relay station, catching over a dozen arrows in the resulting explosion. The energy blast, the explosion, and the energy rifles wielded by each of these gangers combine to create a terrible reaction, mutating the gangers horribly and fusing their weapons with their arms.

The remaining gangers scatter, and these enraged mutants attack the heroes with reckless abandon. Though far more powerful than ordinary humans (even ones armed with high tech weapons), the Arrow mutants prove little challenge for the Guardians.