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First Appearance

The Guardians, Vol. 1 #1

Created By

J Karesh

In-Story Information

Alter Ego

Team Affiliations



Crisium (his horse)

Notable Aliases

Chase Dillon


  • Extreme agility and speed
  • Use of mystical guns
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Never sleeps


Only active in the moonlight


[none currently]


Many, many people have filled the role of the NightMare, with Coyote Devereaux simply being the most recent. The origin of the NightMare himself dates back to 1838, with Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act. One of the leading opponents was one Jeremiah Evarts, who worked tirelessly lobbying to keept the policy from coming into effect. Together, Evarts and his lesser known partner Johnathan Criar became friends to the Cherokee people in the area, helping them with their legal battles against the Treaty of New Echota. Unfortunately, history would show that their tireless efforts were not enough, to make the difference, and wound up pushing Evarts into a death of turberculosis.

Criar was rather frustrated with how events played out, and when the Cherokee people determined to stand their ground and refuse to be displaced from their home, Criar rode out to stand with them. While originally intended to be without bloodshed, things turned to open battle rather quickly. Criar stood with the Cherokee until the end, shooting down scores of Americans before he was ultimately brought down. Eventually the remaining Cherokee surrendered and were indeed displaced down the Trail of Tears, but not before commemorating Criar's stand alongside them.

During the full moon memorial ceremony, the Chief, Tsagowi, laid his hands on the body of Johnathan Criar and prayed that his spirit live on from generation to generation. That he not be the last to stand up for the innocent and defenseless of the world. As it turns out, the Moon Spirit heard their prayer. It was the first full moon after that service that the Chief became the first NightMare, now filled with the power of the Moon Spirit and Johnathan Criar's spirit of humanitarian devotion.

Each New NightMare

Whenever the current NightMare dies, the spirit is passed on to the next host. The person who will host the spirit is chosen by the Moon Spirit, who seems to select those who have proven themselves through some manner of act of great selflessness near the previous NightMare. Someone who, despite there being a superhero nearby, still did what they could to contribute themselves. Throughout the generations this has been young and old, male and female. Wheenver the transition to a new NightMare occurs, the next embodiment of the NightMare is informed of their new role, which they fully take on on the next full moon, when the power is strongest.

The Role of the NightMare

In order to actually receive the powers of the NightMare, each new host must continue to fight to defend the innocent and defenseless of the world. Failing to do so causes the powers to go dormant. They do not pass on to a new host, however, which has indeed left certain gaps when no one was truly filling the role of the NightMare when hosts have abandoned their duties. Once the host resumes their duties to the people, however, the power returns to them. And, as always, if the host dies, whether or not they are currently fulfillig the role, the spirit of the NightMare passes on to the next host.

The Power of the NightMare

The NightMare's power is fueled by the sun's light having reflected off of the surface of the Moon. In hitting the moon, the light carries with it a mystical energy that the host receives, transforming them into the NightMare. This energy is intense enough that it can move through solid matter, allowing the NightMare to be powered at night even if indoors.

As a consequence of the power coming from the light off of the Moon's surface, there are two nights every month where the NightMare's powers are altered. On full moons, the NightMare finds himself filled with just a little extra power. On new moons, however, the NightMare is entirely without the power of the Moon Spirit. On this night, the NightMare must fill their role without powers.

The NightMare's powers are largely based on the combat capabilities that Criar displayed in his last stand. As such, the mystical energies of the Moon Spirit recreate his twin six-shooters and grant the NightMare the speed and dexterity to perform truly amazing displays of gunslinging. In addition to the use of these mystic guns, the NightMare loses their need to sleep. This is patially in commemoration of Criar's tireless legal efforst alongside Evarts and partially to allow the NightMare to continue to live a life outside of their powered one at night.

Beyond these powers of combat capability, the NightMare also gains user of a mystical steed known as Crisium . She was originally the Cherokee Chief's horse, whom the Moon Spirit chose to imbue with power of her own. Now immortal and awakened to an elevated intelligence, serves her new master every night with her incredible speed and ability to open portals to faraway places, though this is an ability that is rather taxing and infrequent.

Character Sheet - Coyote Devereaux

Stats (16 pts)

Brawn: 2

Agility: 5

Mind: 1



Athletics (Acrobatics) +2

Perform (Acting (specialty), Juggling)

Ride (Control)


Occultism (Rituals)

Weakness (-4 pts)

Devestating Weakness: If more than a day goes by without having protected the innocent he is affected by a damaging, negating weakness. All of his stats return to 1s, he loses all of his powers, and takes a x3 damage per page.

Powers (18 pts)

*Common Limitation: "Night Only". Coyote's powers are only manifest when he is bathed in sunlight that has reflected off of the Moon. Thus this limitation of "Night Only" will be seen on a lot of powers.

Super Speed 3, Tiring (2 pts): "Fastest Hands in the West". While he certainly can't keep it up forever, give him a reason and the NightMare will show you the meaning of a quickdraw. The hand is quicker than the eye, indeed. (Limitation: Night Only)

Armor 3, Personal, Sustained (2 pts): When he takes the form of the NightMare, his body becomes covered with armored plates of Moon rock. They form something of a scale mail over his body with a metal plate that covers the lower half of his face like an armored bandana. It is a small wonder that he is able to move so quickly in armor that clunks with such weight in every step. (Limitations: Night Only)

Multipower (8 pts): Twin Six-Shooters, "Artemis and Apollo". Through the great Moon Spirit the NightMare creates a great mystical power in the form of his guns, manifest in a variety of different attack types:

  • Special Attack 5, Range, Area, Variable (5 pts, main power): "Mare Imbrium - Sea of Rain". The NightMare's trigger fingers fire out a countless stream of bullets in many ways. One target, down a line, spinning all around, you never know (Limitation: Night Only)
  • Deflect 3, Personal, Sustained (2 pts): "Mare Tranquillitatis - Sea of Tranquility". With a spectacle to behold, NightMare's accuracy is so keen that he can literally shoot bullets coming at him right out of the air! And of course, the same trick works rather well on an incoming fist. (Limitation: Night Only)
  • Push 5, Range, Area, Variable (5 pts): "Mare Procellarum - Sea of Storms". Sometimes, through raw determination, NightMare uses his bullets with just the intent to move rather than hurt. It is a phenomenon that can only be done with the mystical power of these guns, of course. (Limitation: Night Only)

Immunity (Sleep), Personal, Sustained (1 pt): "The Night Owl". One of the gifts from the Moon Spirit that even Coyote gets to appreciate is the lack of a need to ever sleep. For the rest of his life he just keeps going from his life by day as Coyote Devereaux to his night life as the NightMare. On and on without end.

Immunity, Personal, Sustained (1 pt): "Home on the Range". As it is the home of the Moon Spirit, both Coyote and the NightMare find the lunar environment entirely hospitable. He is thus entirely immune to all negative environmental effects one would naturally face while on the Moon.

Attack Weak Point (1 pt): The NightMare has quite the knack for placing a shot exactly where he needs it, and through the power of the Moon Spirit he knows where they need to be placed. (Limitation: Night Only)

Disarm Expert (1 pt): Similarly, the NightMare can place that shot to knock the gun clean out of your hand without so much as grazing your skin. Fast enough to do it before you even get the shot off, too. (Limitation: Night Only)

Boost 3, Situational (2 pts): While both Coyote and the NightMare are only as smart as your everyday man, there's one thing his mind can do, and that's do damage with his guns. Mind is at +3 when used for the purposes of dealing damage with ranged weaponry. (Limitation: Night Only)

'Resistance 2, Personal, Sustained (1 pt)': The Moon rock armor that NightMare wears gives natural protection against certain outside sources. Specifically, he is resistant to heat, cold, knockback, and falling damage. (Limitation: Only while armor is up)


Celebrity: When he's not costumed up at night, he is known as quite the A-list actor, Coyote Devereaux. He's a recent star, yes, but right now he's in the height of the spotlight.

Pet: Every night his horse, Crisium, comes riding down from the sky. She serves the NightMare utterly and completely. When the night is over, however, she's off to the sky all over again.


In a Relationship: Since before he hit the spotlight, dating back to when he went by birth name Chase Dillon, his girlfriend Lilly Clarence at least knew him. They've been together for a few years now, she being a graduate student at CalSci.

Normal: When he is not the NightMare, he is simply Coyote Devereaux, completely normal person. When it's day out, he's just another guy.