The Return of Masks?

For 25 years have we been free from the scourge of super-powered thugs and vigilante n’er-do-wells that once prowled the alleys and the skies of our cities. For two and a half quiet decades could we walk our streets at night without fear of these terrors in the night. For a quarter of a century did the citizens of our world live peacefully and leave the fighting of crime to those duly elected and appointed to the task.

Is that time now at an end? Let us hope not.

On March 7th, residents of Sleepy Hills reported a major disturbance on 3rd street, running right through their quiet community. A band of Masks (some new, some old) interrupted a turf war between the Slings and the Arrows , two rival gangs. Rather than let the authorities preserve the peace, these malicious figures escalated the situation. One of them destroyed a power relay station, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage and blacking out several blocks. According to my source with the ACPD , either this explosion or some other perverse power of these cretins caused over a dozen gangers to mutate into crazed, deformed killing machines. These and others involved are still being treated at Mercy Hospital for burns and other injuries sustained from their fight against the Masks.

According to eye-witness accounts, at least four Masks colluded on this disturbance of our peace. Among them, Ghost and NightMare , vigilantes from days past.

The former, known publicly as James Sorenson, worked in the past to protect America from her enemies abroad, most notably during the cold war. Ghost was one of a few Masks to vanish before the great exodus of 1990. He was presumed destroyed by Soviet agents. Now, it seems, he is back in action here in Angel City of all places. Our government would do well to remind him that foreign enemies are just that – foreign. If you must, then go fight criminals overseas.

At least Ghost shows his face to the public. NightMare, of whom reports go back decades and decades, is truly a Mask. What is he hiding from? Lawsuits for one. Two days prior to the attack in Sleepy Hills, NightMare was observed at the scene of a large explosion and subsequent fire in Palm Heights . During the incident, NightMare shot an unarmed resident named Henry Dixon, who then fell 15 feet and broke his spine. That’s right, when NightMare’s fire failed to destroy enough lives, this masked criminal attacked an innocent man, paralyzing him for life. Dixon has filed a suit against NightMare, but the courts are having trouble tracking him down. Meanwhile, ACPD continues to investigate the fire. With his assuredly advanced age, we had hoped that NightMare had broken a hip and retired for good. Unfortunately for Mr. Dixon and the rest of us, the man appears as hale as ever.

As for the other Masks at the Sleepy Hills fight, they remain a mystery.

Is this the dawn of a new era of terror? Must we endure the return of other alleged heroes like Indestructable and The Whisper? How about the criminals they claimed to thwart? Will Dr. Phosphorous shine again? Has Meteor Man gone, or will he rise from the ashes? The Moth? Green Heron? Or are we witnessing the birth of new vigilante terrorists?

Most importantly, when will our government protect us from these criminals who operate outside the bounds of law? Join me in calling upon our legislators, our police forces, and all our civic leaders. Demand that these rogues take off their masks, that they operate within the bounds of law. Angel City will not stand for lawlessness, especially when wrapped in the guise of heroics. We will not tolerate the warped morality of Masks.

Dated: March 8th, 2015

Marcus Carabas