OSR and BOP Announce Oubliette Will Reopen

Early today, OSR and BOP officials jointly announced that the 25-year inactive Oubliette Prison will open its doors again.

Once the nation's highest security prison, used almost exclusively for super-powered criminals, Oubliette Prison closed in late 1990, after the Great Exodus. Speaking on condition of annonymity, an OSR official said that a small team of scientists, architechts, and engineers had been hired to design unique security components, once the prison is active.

Construction and refitting is scheduled to begin in mid-April, and the prison is planned to open May 1st.

The announcement leaves the National Park Service only a couple weeks to disassemble and relocate the exhibits at the Oubliette Museum. NPS officials declined to comment on the announcement.

Dated: March 27, 2015

Gregory Sampson, Angel City Herald