New Federal Agency, Is It the Solution to Our Super Problem?

In this new era of super-powered freaks and vigilante thugs, our government offers us new bureaucratic protection. Early this morning, the White House announced a new division in the Department of Justice: the Office of Super-powered Relations. What a fantastically vague name that is. The President said in a press release “the OSR will liaise with local and other federal agencies in matters pertaining to public safety and the general good of mankind wherever super-powered forces or individuals are concerned.”

Effectively, this new office will have jurisdiction in cases surrounding freaks, aliens, scientific abominations, malformed monstrosities, mystics, and other unknown dangers. But how will they deal with the masks that claim to be heroes? How will the deal with these so-called Guardian Angels here in AC? What will they do with Chimera, the new vigilante terrorizing the East Coast? Will this OSR really keep us safe from all the super-powered threats we face?

Dated: March 23, 2015

Marcus Carabas