Mallard McLaoch is the current commissioner of the Angel City Police Department.

Early life and careerEdit

McLaoch was born in 1970 to Irish immigrant Stephen McLaoch and regionally-famous singer Victoria Starr. His father worked dock-worker's union, earning a modest income, which was supplemented less and less as his mother's career dwindled.

A prodigious student, McLaoch attended Angel City Academy, graduating two years early in 1986. While pursuing a bachelor's degree at the University of Angel Bay, McLaoch's father was murdered under mysterious circumstances. When the ACPD failed to solve the murder and the case turned cold, McLaoch took a leave of absence from school to travel Europe by himself.

Upon his return, McLaoch approached his studies with a renewed vigor, finishing his remaining two years of study in half the time and graduated on schedule with his class in 1990. The next year he started both police academy training and a masters in criminology degree at Angel State University. McLaoch started his career as an ACPD Inspector just two months before completing his graduate degree. Promoted to Lieutenant in 1995 and again to Captain in 1997, McLaoch quickly made a name for himself. In 2000, he was named Deputy Commissioner and, after the death of Commissioner Grayson in 2003, was appointed Commissioner of the Angel City Police Department. He has held the post since.

Campaign for mayorEdit

In November of 2014, McLaoch announced his candidacy for Mayor of Angel City. He has campaigned heavily with a tough on crime platform and seeks to expand police powers and jurisdiction. Lambasting the incumbent, Tacitus Vox, for weakness and inconsistancy on certain issues, McLaoch has won fervent support from many quarters and currently has 35% of the projected vote.