"Enter: The Bulldozer"

Publication Info

The Guardians Vol. 1, No. 2

Publication Date

October 16, 2011

Featured Characters

Supporting Characters


Time Span

March 8, 2015 - March 9, 2015

"Enter: The Bulldozer" is the second issue of The Guardians.


James Sorenson meets his 14 year old granddaughter Ada Wagner for the first time. The meeting is tense, but without conflict. When Sorenson demonstrates his powerful abilities, she is hardly phased. Ada clearly enjoys the luxury Sorenson, with his vast wealth, has provided for her living arrangements, but she is less thrilled when he informs her that she will be attending Angel City Academy.

Professor Fahrenthold pulls a few strings at CalSci to get Aegis (now calling himself Alexander Addams) a place in the upcoming class, despite his lack of school records and transcripts.

Coyote Devereaux meets with several of the Global Pictures executives and agrees to play the leading role in The Rook, Jeremy Brockboomer's newest action film. In contract negotiations, he agrees to take a pay cut in order that he not be expected to film at night, when Coyote must patrol the streets of Angel City as NightMare , thwarting crime and saving innocents.

NightMare and Ghost, following up on their suspicions that Brockboomer is somehow connected to the events surrounding the recent turf war between the slings and the arrows and the high-powered laser rifles they used, infiltrate his office at the Global Pictures lot, while Gentleman Gadget Guy waits nearby ready to assist with a quick escape. Having unknowingly tripped a silent alarm, the two heroes have only a little time to search Brockboomer's office before a couple of security guards arrive. NightMare hastily grabs the producer's personal datebook, and as Ghost phases both of them through the wall into the night, they make good their escape.

Examing the datebook, they see that Brockboomer had a meeting scheduled with "Two-Fingers" on March 5th, the day of the explosion in Palm Heights. The heroes trace the license plate of the car NightMare saw at the scene of the explosion that night, and they get an address for Thomas Spinosa. Going to the address, they encounter and interrogate Spinosa, a.k.a. "Tommy Two-Fingers." Under pressure, he reveals that he doesn't work for Brockboomer, that the movie executive only provided the explosive that he and his companions used that night. Their purpose was only to destroy the apartment and any evidence of the high-powered laser weapons manufacturing that took place there. Two-Fingers admits to being a thug for the Giacomo crime family. When pressed for more information, he tells the heroes that they'll have to speak to someone more important than him and that high-ranking members of the family can often be found at Little Tino's, an Italian restaurant in the International Quarter.

The next night, the heroes plan to meet at Little Tino's to find more answers. However, en route, Edi picks up on an ACPD radio frequency a report of a major disturbance at Mercy Hospital. Sensing a more urgent need for their abilities, the heroes change destination.

Arriving at the hospital, the heroes discover a man made entirely of metal engaged in rampant destruction on the 8th floor. Initial attacks fail to penetrate his armor, which Edi determines to be composed of Endurium. One well-placed shot, however, drops the villain. But before a calm can settle, several of the mutated Arrows emerge from their recovery rooms and blindly attack the heroes. The ensuing battle offers the Bulldozer time enough to recover, and he renews his attack. Crisium opens a portal into the night sky, hundreds of feet above the ground. NightMare pushes the Bulldozer through and heroically falls after him.

As Aegis and Ghost finish off the remaining mutated Arrows, NightMare battles the Bulldozer while both plummet to the ground and Gentleman Gadget Guy prepares a heroic mid-air rescue. Activating the jet fuel powered rockets on his limbs and lower back, the Bulldozer gains an advantage over NightMare. Unrelenting, NightMare clogs the exhuast vents with his mystic bullets, nullifying the Bulldozer's power of flight, and, even before gravity can deliver her coup de grace, renders the Bulldozer unconcious again.

After Gentleman Gadget Guy brings NightMare safely to the ground, they discover that the Bulldozer has transformed into a normal, healty-looking young man. Aegis, still inside the hospital, learns from the staff that an unconcious John Doe had been brought in after police had discovered him on the street. Before they could begin to examine him, however, he awoke, transformed into a metal monstrosity, and attacked. Ghost calls his government contacts to collect the mysterious villain, and the heroes call it a night.