Ghost Horse
"Ghost Horse" by Danielle Fekete

First Appearance

The Guardians, Vol. 1 #1

Created By

J Karesh

In-Story Information

Alter Ego


Team Affiliations

[none currently]



Notable Aliases



  • Extreme agility and speed
  • Spiritual Immortality
  • Creation of Portals


Only active in the moonlight


[none currently]


In life, Crisium was Jonathan Criar's Appaloosa. At the time, she was simply named Jean. While a hardworking and fairly intelligent horse, there is not truly much to say about this life of hers while mortal. That is, until the day of Criar's Last Stand, where he stood alongside the Cherokee people in defiance of the Indian Removal Act and shot down dozens of fellow Americans atop Jean, who was remarkably capable as a warhorse despite lack of training. Ultimately Criar, being vastly outnumbered, was killed by the American forces. Afterwards, Jean became frantic and began lashing out at the Americans, despite the battle being over. She even kicked one of the soldiers in the head so hard that he was killed. In response, the Americans managed to tie her up to a tree, put a Colt M1873 revolver up to her head and pulled the trigger.

As detailed more on NightMare's page, Chief Tsagowi held a ritual on the full moon following the battle. Not only did this ceremony give rise to him becoming the first NightMare, but it caused Jean's spirit to be reborn as Crisium, the moon-dwelling horse spirit born to serve the Moon Spirit through her assistance to the NightMare. Now she appears all white and somewht spectral, in that she looks like she is made entirely of ghostly vapors, though still entirely corporeal. She rides down from the sky every night to serve the NightMare, and returns to the Moon with the coming of each new day.

Character Sheet - Crisium

Stats (17 pts)

Brawn: 3

Agility: 5

Mind: 0

Size: 1



Athletics (Running, Swimming) +3



Weakness (-4 pts)

Devestating Damaging Weakness: Bullets. Because Jean was originally executed in such a panic by a bullet to the brain, being shot by one now awaken these memories. The psychological effect of the memory of having died that is unlocked causes bullets to be extra damaging to her.

Powers (10 pts)

*Common Limitation: "Night Only". Crisium's powers are only manifest when he is bathed in sunlight that has reflected off of the Moon. Thus this limitation of "Night Only" will be seen on a lot of powers.

Super Running 5, Tiring (4 pts): Crisium is able to run with an absolutely blinding speed. She moves so quickly that she can run up and down straight vertical surfaces with ease, truly showing anyone the meaning of haste. (Limitation: Night Only)

Armor 2, Personal, Sustained (1 pts): When bathed in the light reflected off of the moon, Crisium gains a barding of flexible plates of Moon rock. They cover a good portion of her body in large pieces, though leave enough open for her to still keep flexibility and speed. (Limitations: Night Only)

Immunity, Personal, Sustained (1 pt): "Home on the Range". As it is the home of the Moon Spirit, Crisium finds the lunar environment entirely hospitable. She is thus entirely immune to all negative environmental effects one would naturally face while on the Moon.

Teleportation 5, Concentration, Gateway (4 pts): "Crater". While it is taxing enough that Crisium cannot do it more than once in a while, Crisium can open up a gateway to other places as far away as the Moon itself! Others can indeed go through this gateway, but it closes as soon as she goes through. (Limitation: Once)


Immortal: Now that the Moon Spirit has taken her in and awakened her, Crisium's true home is the Moon, where she lives in spirit forever. At night she comes down for her eternal service to the NightMare, but as this is really just manifestation of the spirit of the horse from over a century before, this form can never truly die.


Physically Challenged (Mute): While awakened in many ways, in the end Crisium is still just a horse and has no ability to speak on her own. She has an understanding of speech, though a child-like one due to her undeveloped mind.

Freak: This is clearly not your average horse we're talking about here. He cannot possibly hide his ghost-like appearance. He is all white and almost ehtereal-looking. It is as if his body were wispy on the end. While he is corporeal and interacts with the world regularly, it looks as if he were just a ghostly spirit.