Coyote Devereaux is a very big name in Angel City (and the rest of the country), in that he is the hot new item in the world of celebrity news. All of the buzz is around this burgeoning actor with picture deals coming out, starting with none other than the Jeremy Brockboomer! Otherwise fairly new to the business, Devereaux is quick to assume the perspective of being a celebrity, and thus both more important than normal people and deserving of better treatment.

Before moving to Angel City to become an actor, Coyote was simply Chase Dillon, a kid from San Diego. He made the move (and the name change) at the age of 22, after having finished his schooling at UCSD as a theatre major. For a few years Coyote didn't really have much to speak of for his life in Angel City. Some bit roles here and there, but mostly just taking odd jobs wherever he could get it to scrape by. He did met his girlfriend, Lilly Clarence, one night while working as a "fortune teller" at a carnival. The two hit it off almost immediately through his flirtatious fortune-telling and at the age of 26 he has been with her almost 2 years now. Since becoming a big time celebrity, though, he has not exactly been with her exclusively. Not that this is something Lilly has been told.

Origin as The NightMare

Aside from being a pompous new celebrity in town, Coyote is rather significant in Angel City for being the alter ego of the NightMare, a crime-fighting do-gooder who races through the streets on his horse, Crisium, to protect the innocent and defenseless. The way that Coyote assumed this role is from his acting career.

At the time the world had not particularly heard of "Coyote Devereaux", a fact which would be changing practically overnight. He was just one of the countless actors looking for work wherever it can be found, in this case it was on the set of a movie called Incandescents, a Jeremy Brockboomer summer blockbuster where he was finally going to make his big break as the comic relief character. However, one night while they were filming a shootout scene, the current NightMare had chased down villain The Collector from one of his heists nearby and right onto the set. While it was a spectacular fight for all to behold (and capture on film), the collateral damage of the whole affair set off some pyrotechnics in some bad places, which quickly escalated into a massive fire on set.

As the inferno rapidly spread, an explosion knocked NightMare unsconscious. Figuring it would give him his 15 minutes of fame, Coyote dashed into the inferno to rescue him. Just as he was taking the fallen hero into his arms, though, The Collector took his opportunity to kill NightMare entirely. The Collector blasted NightMare, the shockwave of which hurled Coyote out of the fire but slammed straight into a wall of the studio, where he lost consciousness. While unconscious, Coyote was contacted by the Moon Spirit, the mother to the NightMare throughout history. It seemed that the NightMare had indeed been killed by the blast, but for Coyote's great act of courage in trying to save him, she had chosen Coyote as the next NightMare, a role which he assumed fully on the next full moon.

Coyote's Responsibility

While every NightMare throughout history has been required to continue protecting the innocent and defenseless else losing their gifts from the Moon Spirit, in Coyote's case this has an additional side effect. As it turns out, Coyote was supposed to have died from being slammed into that studio wall. The only reason that he didn't is that the previous NightMare had been killed just a second beforehand, which caused his spirit to enter Coyote's body at the exact same time as the impact should have killed him. Because of this exact timing, Coyote continues to live, but only so long as he is fueled by the NightMare's powers from the Moon Spirit. What this means is that should he ever fail to serve the cause of the NightMare for 24 hours, the powers will leave him, and he will very quickly begin to die. It gives him a very strong incentive to keep being a hero.