California Sciences Institute


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Undergraduate student body


Graduate student body

612 (502, Carson Medical School)


Angel City, California, U.S.


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The California Sciences Institute (commonly known as CalSci) is one of the most prestigious research institutions on the west coast. The school's main campus is located on the eastern bank of northern Angel Bay.


The primary campus covers 152 acres. Adjacent to the campus is the Parnassus Marina, which is owned and operated by CalSci. The marina is used primaily by the marine biology department and for transportation to Auric Island, located 1.2 miles southeast of the marina. This small island was purchased from the state of California by CalSci in 1936 and it is the site of numerous experiments and studies, most particularly in the fields of biology and geology. CalSci also maintains a small campus on Mount Paradise (approximately 10 miles northeast of Angel City), primarily for the study of astronomy. Dominating this campus is the Paradise Observatory, home to GAZER, a 6.5 m reflecting telescope.


The undergraduate program at CalSci boasts 30 different courses of study, each within the realm of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

The CalSci graduate program does not offer specific prepared courses of study. Rather, every student admitted is paired with a faculty member. Together, each student faculty pair prepares an indvidualized program for the student, drawing from the different graduate level classes taught, occasionally designing new classes, and always placing heavy emphasis on individual research and lab study.

Separate from the CalSci Graduate School, the Carson Medical School follows a rigerous course in traditional, non-traditional, and experimental medicine. All Carson students intern for at least two years at Mercy Hospital, and much of the faculty work at the hospital on an as-needed basis.