What's New?

There's a new article -- after the big fight at the beginning of session -- in the Angel City Herald that might interest you hero-types.

What's Going On Here?

Welcome to Angel City, the setting for The Guardians. If you're here in the first place, you must be aware of what this is to some extent already. It's the wiki for Barton's BASH game, duh! This is where we're going to all work our hardest to keep an up to date wiki of this game's universe, including (but not limited to) what happened during each session, pages for each of the heroes and villains, famous places and NPCs, all cross-linked so we can get nicely absorbed into this as a real city!

It should be noted, that pretty much everything here is fictional. So, don't go thinking otherwise.

What Do I Need To Do?

If you are one of the people in this game, which you probably are, then The Midnight Jester will make you an admin (once you create a wikia account). Firstly, you should all add a page for your hero, look to NightMare as a great example (I would appreciate if you included your character stats as well, in case a computer dies, or you are absent but we need your character for some reason, etc). After that, well, feel free to add or edit anything that has come up in game or that you have reasonable creative authority over (your ward or wards, the school or bar at which you work, a particular government contact, etc). Otherwise, I'll be adding a bunch of things as they come up (and some things before they do, just for kicks). Once the game gets rolling, it would be great if people could take turns writing up each issue after we play. I'd rather not do this each time myself, and would ideally not do it at all since the character perspective will be more relevant and interesting -- though I'll likely add any key details I feel need to be included.