The Angel City Police Department (ACPD) is the primary law enforcement agency in Angel City. Employing just over 9,000 officers, the ACPD is divided into five precinct, roughly coinciding with the five civic districts: North, South, East, Northern Peninsula, and Southern Peninsula (the islands in Angel Bay fall under the jurisdiction of the United States Coast Guard).


The Office of the Commissioner of Police, located in Downtown Angel City, oversees all ACPD operations. Home to this office and the ACPD headquarters is the Strom Center, which sits across the street from City Hall.


The five ACPD precincts conform to the topography of Angel City. They are:

  • Precinct North covers the region directly north of Angel Bay.
  • Precinct South covers the region directly south of Angel Bay.
  • Precinct East covers the region directly east of Anegl Bay, including CalSci and the International Quarter.
  • The Northern Peninsula Precinct includes the Angel Alps, Studio City, Eleusis Square, Halo Beach, West Coast College, and the Arts District.
  • The Southern Peninsula Precinct includes Downtown Angel City and the Warehouse District.

Rank structure and insignia Edit

The commissioner of police (three stars) is appointed by the mayor, and oversees all operations of the ACPD. The appointment is for life, though commissioners traditionally retire between the ages of 60 and 70, and several have left the position early to pursue other vocations, typically political office. The current police commisoner is Mallard McLaoch.

The deputy commissioner (two stars) is selected by the commissioner and assists him or her in all aspects of the job, occasionally filling the commissioner's role when he or she is unavailable.

Commanders (one star) head each of the five precincts. Beyond executing their daily management duties, commanders serve with the commissioner as the board of police, determining procedures and setting policies.

Captains (two bars) oversee indvidiual police stations in each precinct. They are responsible for the assignment of duties within their assigned territories and are appointed by their precinct's commander.

Lieutenants (one bar) head squads of inspectors and organize special task forces for major assignments.

Inspectors (three chevrons) head the investigation of indvidual cases and work in plain clothes.

Sergeants (two chevrons) also work in plain clothes and assist inspectors in solving cases.

Officers (one chevron) patrol routes, respond to 911 calls, investigate crime scenes and assist sergeants and inspectors in solving cases.