Angel City Map

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Angel City is the most populous city on the western coast of the United States. [I promise I will make a better map of the city once I can. Also, a decent amount of this will be filler for now, as an awkward reminder to me to add certain components]


Some history of the city will go here.


Where the city is and what's in it.

Districts and NeighborhoodsEdit

A list of the key areas like downtown, the docks, and Studio City.

Sleepy Hills -- a nice, quiet suburb for the moderately wealthy.

Palm Heights -- a lower income neighborhood.


The Archons (NFL) play at Archon Stadium.

The Devils (MLB) play at Brimstone Field.


A bit about the civic leaders of Angel City.

Angel City has a non-partisan Strong Mayor system. Elections are every four years and there are no term limits. In the current mayoral race, the incumbant Tacitus Vox is opposed by Police Comissioner Mallard McLaoch.


Mostly major industries and such.


Including museums and stuff.


The Angel City Metropolitan Express (ACME) monorail system services almost 3 million people every day, commuters and sight-seers alike. It connects all of the major districts and neighborhoods, and it spans both the to-be-named Suspension Bridge and the to-be-named Floating Bridge.